Company bikes

Wooden bike for employees

An innovative company needs an ingenious ride. Riding to the office, to a business appointment, going out to get lunch. Wherever your staff is going, getting there on a Bough Bike will make the ride so much more special!

Dare to approach mobility in a different way. Riding a bicycle is fast, healthy and sustainable. Riding a wooden bike is also great fun. With a wooden company bike you make a clear statement by showing innovation and sustainability. It helps your employees doing their daily exercise which makes them fit and happy. A wooden bike with your company logo on it makes the experience even more special.

This can also be integrated as a bike share program. With bike sharing there are docking stations at multiple locations. Employees simply use a card to unlock the bike. Ideal for an office or a staff area. Bough Bikes takes care of the whole system: the docking stations, and the maintenance and service of the bikes.

The perfect marketing tool

Your company logo, brand or website. Anything that needs to stand out can be engraved on your bike. We can transform the Bough Bike into fantastic signboard for your company. The perfect marketing tool, also for loyalty programs.

BB Dopper

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