Frequently asked questions

Why a frame made of wood instead of metal?

Because wood is a warm material. In appeal and sentiment alike. Wood is stronger. It’s less prone to deterioration than metal. Wood is flexible. It absorbs vibrations. Which causes a gliding cycling experience. Wood is sustainable. It’s an inherently green product from the earth which originates from CO2, sunlight and water. We harvest our wood in the French Jura where forests are preserved according to the Nature2000 regimen.

Can you actually cycle on a wooden bike?

Yes, definitely. The wooden bike is examined by the TÜV Rheinland, which is a renowned international institute that puts new and old products to the test.

What does a Bough Bike weigh?

The basic model weighs around 20 kg (44 pounds). The E-Bough weighs 25 kg (55 pounds). A bit more heavy than a regular bicycle. However, the ride on a Bough Bike is very smooth and light.

In which sizes do the bikes come?

At this point the Bough Bike is available with 26 inch wheels. Because of the adjustable height  the bike is suitable for people who are smaller than 1.80 m ( 5.11”) but als suitable for people over 1.80 (5.11”).

Is a Bough Bike water resistant?

Yes, it is. You can ride your bike in the rain without a problem. If you’re planning on keeping your bike out all year long, we do advise you to treat your bike with oil quite regularly. Generally speaking treating it twice a year will suffice.

How much maintainance does a Bough Bike need?

The bike is made of solid oak wood. It can virtually handle all weather conditions. The wood will retain its strength, but will show a slight discoloration over time. We work with a protective oil finish on our frames. If you want to keep the original color, it’s advisable to renew the oil treatment on a regular basis (twice a year). A bottle of oil will be included with the purchase of your bike. The stainless steel components are treatment-free. If the wooden surface is damaged you can easily renovate it by slightly sanding the wood and than applying oil. For bigger repairs you can go to a bikeshop.

How fast can the Bough Bike be delivered?

Usually the delivery time is 4 weeks. If your need is high, we could possibly make an exception to speed things up. Please contact us for that. When the Bough Bike is done, we’ll contact you to make an appointment to deliver the bike to your home.

What are the delivery costs?

Shipping cost depends on origin, destination, service, package weight, and other considerations. We help you Calculate Time and Cost and compare delivery times and published rates for sending to destinations around the world.

What is the warranty on a Bough Bike?

To prevent disappointments read our warranty conditions and our general conditions before purchasing.
You will find them here.

What if I am not satisfied with my Bough Bike?

If you’re disappointed by the bike you can return it within 7 days of delivery. You will get a full refund. However, we cannot do that for personalized frames of course.

Where can I take my Bough Bike if something is wrong?

The technical maintenance is similar to that of a regular bike. So you can take it to any good bike shop. Untill two months after the purchase of your Bough Bike you will be able to bring it in for a technical tune-up, paid by Bough Bikes. For this we’re working together with stores in your proximity. Bough Bikes can only guarantee the quality of the product if it’s well taken care of. Unfortunately, if you don’t respond to our offer to bring it in for a tune-up, we will be forced to drop the warranty.