Bough Bikes are made of French oak. This wood is able to withstand different weather conditions. The oak will keep its strength but the color will fade over time. Bough bikes are finished with protective oil. If you want to keep the original color you should treat the bike regularly with this oil. You will receive a bottle of oil upon delivery of the bicycle.

The metal parts of the frame are made of stainless steel. These require very little maintenance.

The Bough bike is assembled with additional high-grade bicycle components. The maintenance of these is comparable of those of a regular bicycle. Bough bikes can only guarantee the quality of its bicycles when there are well maintained. That is why we ask you to take your bike in for maintenance at between four and eight weeks after purchase

Warranty Conditions

Article 1: Warranty

  1. a)  Bough Bikes guarantees the bike is without construction and/or material defects. Bough bikes also guarantees the bike meets with the usual requirements and standards that at the time of delivery with normal use may reasonably apply.
  2. b)  The warranty only applies to the first owner of the bike and is not transferable.

Article 2: Warranty period

  1. a)  Two and a half years (2,5) for the wooden parts in the case of a construction and/or material defect.
  2. b)  One (1) year for all other parts.

Article 3: Warranty exclusions

  1. a)  The warranty does not cover parts that are subject to wear and tear such as such as tires, chain, chainrings, wheels and bearings, except in the case of a construction and/or material defect.
  2. b)  The warranty does not cover the discoloration or fading of the wooden parts.
  3. c)  The warranty lapses in the following cases:
    1. i)  The bike has not been taken to a professional bicycle shop for
      maintenance within eight weeks after purchase. (Proof of maintenance visit has to be demonstrated with a receipt.)
    2. ii)  The bike has been used incorrectly and/or carelessly.
    3. iii)  Technical repairs have been performed in an incompetent manner (by someone other than a Bough Bikes specialist).
    4. iv)  The bike has been modified/enhanced with parts mounted at a later date that are not in accordance with the technical specifications of the bike or have been incorrectly mounted by someone other than a Bough Bikes specialist.
  4. d)  Furthermore, Bough Bikes expressly disclaims any responsibility for damage to (parts of) the bike and additional damage due to:

v) Incorrect adjustment/tensioning of the handlebars, handlebar post, seat, seat post, brakes, and gears, and/or the derailment of these particular parts.

vi) Not replacing parts in time such as the brake/gear cables, tires, chain and gear wheels.

vii) Climatological influences such as normal weathering of wood/lacquer or corrosion.

Article 4: Costs

  1. a)  During the warranty period, those parts with a material and/or construction defect (as determined by Bough Bikes) will be replaced or repaired at the costs and discretion of Bough Bikes.
  2. b)  Notwithstanding the provisions in the previous paragraph, in the case of material and/or construction defects of the wooden frame within 2,5 years after the purchase, the cost of labor and transportation will be covered by Bough Bikes.
  3. c)  If a certain part is covered by the warranty and the original is no longer available, Bough Bikes will provide an alternative that is equivalent or better.

Article 5: Limitation of Liability:

  1. a)  Should Bough Bikes be liable for any damage suffered by the consumer, this liability is limited by the provisions in this article.
  2. b)  Bough Bikes is never liable for damage, of whatever nature as a consequence of incorrect and/or incomplete data provided by or on behalf of the consumer.
  3. c)  Bough Bikes shall never be liable for indirect damage (consequential damage, loss of profit, loss of saving).
  4. d)  The limitations of liability as included in this Article do not apply if the damage can be attributed to an intentional act or gross negligence.

Article 6: Disputes and applicable law

  1. a)  These warranty conditions are governed by the law of the Netherlands
  2. b)  All disputes that might arise as a result of these conditions whatever nature or scope, including those that are only regarded as a dispute by one of the parties, will be submitted to a legally competent court.

Article 7: Liability

A claim honored by Bough Bikes under these warranty terms and conditions expressly does not constitute any admission of liability for any possible damage. Any liability of Bough Bikes for consequential damage is expressly excluded. Bough Bikes liability is limited to whatever is set out in the warranty terms and conditions unless otherwise arising from a mandatory legal provision.

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