Into the city through nature on a wooden bike

“Almost every day I jump on my Bough Bike and ride to Amsterdam; the first part of the journey I cycle through beautiful nature and the second part into the vibrant city. That combination – trough nature into the city on a wooden bike – inspires me every time. And of course it’s also cool that the bike is still a ‘headturner”.

Bart Voorvaert (lawyer) Amsterdam

For two years the wooden bikes have been outside 24/7

“For our bike share program Your Schiphol Bike we were looking for a distinctive design. From the very beginning our clients were impressed by the original bicycles of Bough Bikes. For two years the wooden design bikes have been outside 24/7. We are still very satisfied about the quality of the Bough Bikes, They resist the harsh Dutch weather conditions”.

Ludmila Lapteva (Marketing Manager Schiphol Real Estate)

The Bough Bike is a true connector

“Amazement, a smile, a story about wood or the design of bicycles. That’s what often happens when a Bough Bike appaers. It generates many beautiful talks and inspiring adventures when you ride this wooden design bike”.

Bob Brandjes “. Projectmanager APPM in Hoofddorp

You don’t experience that with a normal bicycle

“I often say: I like to ride a bike because I have a nice wooden bike. Since May 2013, and I still like it. Other people, by the way. Some also tell you that. You don’t experience that with a normal bike And he cycles wonderfully with his light sporty seat and automatic gear in the rear hub. No, it wasn’t cheap, but it is durable. In all meanings of the word “.
Tjeerd Gunning (text enhancer) Haarlem

This bike suits me.

When I cycle I feel free. The wind through my hair and preferably through nature. I live close to the coast and the dunes and I like to cycle through that. An ultimate feeling of happiness then engulfs me. I am smoothly kicking in no time where I need to be. The fact that this bike is just a little different than most bikes suits me well …. sporty, durable and a bit stubborn.

Britt van Bohemen (healthcare professional) Noordwijk

And when I had some remarks, they responded directly

“I’m very happy with the new version of the electric wooden bike of Bough Bikes. Amazing! It feels like flying like a bird, first class. And when I had some remarks, they responded directly. Without any doubt the most responding Dutch company i have been working with. It almost feels like a family.”

Christopher & Sandra (designers) The Hague

This wooden bicycle declassifies all other two-wheelers into simple pieces of steel

“The first time I saw a Bough Bike, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I was thrilled as a toddler in the proverbial candy store. This wooden design bike degrades all other bikes in the rack into simple pieces of steel. Bough Bikes shows off without wanting to show off Bough Bikes shows off without wanting to show off Like a blood-curdling beautiful woman who knows how to make a whole pub gasp, this bike loosens something for young and old, man and woman. …. on this Bough Bike that makes cycling a completely different experience than I have ever experienced. “

Eric Corton (singer, actor and presenter)

This bike is a real conversation starter

“I have never been approached and photographed so often, even when I was 20 years old. The nicest compliment I got: ‘great bike, beautiful shoes.’ This wooden bike is a real conversation starter, and attention guaranteed. Unlike other high-speed bicycles this electric wooden bike just gives you a firm push in the back, very relaxed. If I ever need good motorized transportation, I prefer this wooden bike to a scooter”.  

Layana Mokoginta (PR Mansion) Amsterdam

Bough Bikes is just a bicycle, but not an ordinary bicycle.


How do Bart, Ludmila, Bob, Tjeerd, Britt, Eric and Layana experience a wooden bicycle.





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